TOK Holding is a leading Management Group Solution, which makes direct investments focused mainly in Kosovo. Unique position in the market derives from the Complete Corporate Governance structure, organised to deliver the highest international standard services and products, as the most diversified holding office in Kosovo. Our purpose is to be the first choice Management Group for companies and brands with passion, true sense and heart.

TOK activities include:

Marketing Communication Services;

Modular Home;


Real Estate;

HoReCa Management;

TOK also screens opportunities in different sectors, where it has a potential to create value with its unique know-how and experience.

TOK shareholders and strong management team coupled with firm relationships in the business community allows TOK to source unique investment opportunities. As a holding endeavor, TOK syndicates industry expertise and deep national market experience to support its portfolio companies’ development.

At the heart of our business approach, we focus to create sustainable value chain. Our executive officers and managing directors, who combine many years of experience in the Kosovo business, with international education and knowledge, have proven the ability to deliver the highest returns for our clients and partners committed to integrity, ethics and reliability.