Genc Meraku Honors

Genc Meraku’s contribution of knowledge in his country

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Genc Meraku is an internationally affiliated individual with the most forefront and advanced institutions of knowledge.

Mr Meraku has been affiliated with the Institute for Direct Marketing in 2003.

Gence Meraku has been awarded from Institute of Direct Marketing with a certificate in 2003.

Meraku’s affiliation with the institution Institute of Direct Marketing has brought together experience of inventing the whole process and life of marketing in his country with the strategy, theory and practice of global contemporary know how.

Genc Meraku is the human who has strived, mastered and stood distinguished in an Institute that stands for vanguard of know how in the global scene.

He is the focal point of knowledge communication between the international and local scenes with his experience, achievement and practice.

Genc Meraku

Genc Meraku

Genc Meraku is the human who has successfully transferred his international knowledge to his local students and partners as an act of solidarisation with the lack of knowledge in his country.

Genc Meraku

Genc Meraku, Entrepreneur in its Most Human Diverseness

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Entrepreneur Genc Meraku’s work is life in its diversity. The spirit of entrepreneur, entrepreneur in its most human diverseness. What challenges Genc Meraku is – making possible. Possibility to reach out, to build, to offer a hand for the one in need.

Genc Meraku in his humanity has become one of the most diverse personalities in his country and beyond. The diverse activities he is faced with, are diverse human fields through which he reaches out his people. Meraku’s work is not business only, it is building in entirety of a country, building an integrity and integration of a country and its people.

tokholding entrepreneurDiversity of Meraku’s interests has led him into becoming one of the well-known personalities inside and outside of his country.

The diversity of Mr. Meraku is life and humanity endowed into a successful relation of a personality with high profile. Mr. Meraku is the fore of his country and the international communication point. His integrity is his work, his work is a whole history of people.

Genc Meraku Tok Holding

The Embodiment of Endurance as an Entrepreneur

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Genc Meraku is the embodiment of endurance as an entrepreneur. His initial endeavor, a dignified small marketing company in a country lacking radio, TV and internet, has evolved into internationally profiled business.

Meraku’s business has developed into a landmark of possible. Possible out of a tragic country. Possible from local out into the international. From export, representation, branding, strategizing and to highly diversified endeavors. To developing business in social media, with lasting partnerships and companies like Met Daan.

Genc Meraku is the man behind evolvement of a business into a landmark of a country’s representation of success.

He with his eagerness has built the most diverse undertaking, a business holding – TOK Holding, synonymous to prosperity. His embodiment into endeavors themselves has lead to ever growing, ever building tradition of prosperity.

Tok Holding

He is synonymous to the notion of prosperity, a history that has been built through hardships, enthusiasm, and humanness. Mr. Meraku and prosperity as a synonym to his name is a story of the way of achievement.

Meraku as Entrepreneur in his leading, combining international educational achievements and empiricism of a way to achievement, has built a synonym to success.

Genc Meraku

Genc Meraku, the human that build and distinguished the voice of a country

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Genc Meraku the human behind:

Reference – The human that build and distinguished the voice of a country, moreover, beyond its tragedy

Genc Meraku is Member of World Creative Forum; Member of AMCHAM Steering Committee, Winner of Chevening Scholarship

Professional, humanistic, brave, international embodyment and performatism of this human into his undertakings have made the history of tragic Kosovo speak beyond it.

Meraku invented the voice of a people, of its sports, of its business, of its security, of its powerful people, of its international connections, of its banks, of its first ever concert, of its every strata of life in a country, in its entirety.